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Tennis Lessons San Diego – The Three Principles

iStock_000002807045_MediumAt play tennis! California, we believe all have potential to attain and surpass that personal threshold level from which point the sport’s athletic, intellectual and emotional dimensions are clearly experienced. We believe one’s journey to this level and beyond should be in an environment of dynamic tennis-specific physical movement, technically sound ball striking and most importantly, positivity.

Adults Tennis Lessons – An Overview

All play tennis! California Classes are one hour and are kept at an instructor:student ratio of 1:4 or less to ensure the highest quality of instruction. All Adult Classes, regardless of level, commence with a 5 minute period of dynamic warm-up and stretch followed by technical overview of key stroke mechanics.

Our-CourtsNext, rapidly paced hand and racket-fed ground stroke drills follow with continuous, instant, individualized feedback to approach each student to his or her technical potential. Live-ball cooperative drills start as the class approaches 50% completion. This stage of the class is marked by high involvement of the instructor into the assigned drills. Rapidly paced, class-customized competitive games close as class time comes to an end.

10-and-Under Juniors Tennis Lessons –

An Overview

All 10-and-Under Classes have one principal focus: to ensure an abundantly positive, happy tennis experience for every child. Technically sound advice is conveyed to each child as his or her attentive temperament allows during physically dynamic drills. Instruction is game based and heavily emphasizes the play tennis! California Principle of “Fun.” Committed Juniors are advised to compliment weekly Group Classes with a minimum of one Private Session per week.

Adult Tennis Lessons San Diego –  Building a Strong Technical Foundation

Flying-FedererThe play tennis! Organization envisions a cohesive on-and-off court learning system whereby its Members seamlessly and effortlessly engage with the world of tennis. If you’re looking for a tennis school in San Diego, you’ve found much more. Our pedagogy centers on efficient racket dynamics, footwork, posture, balance, rhythm, momentum and positioning.  Instruction is non-generic, precise and detailed.

Our team of elite instructors is handpicked based on a spectrum of intangible characteristics, the most significant of which is the ability to efficiently communicate modern technique in an environment of dynamic tennis-specific movement and positivity. At play tennis! California, we believe each student must be wholly engaged in his or her improvement on and off the court.

2014 Australian Open - Day 7A significant aspect of learning the sport lies in visually, then psychologically capturing the image of what one is attempting to accomplish on a technical level. Without this vision of the end product, a student lacks direction and may be repeating fundamentally flawed habits. Needless to say, improvement is impossible if a student focuses his or her efforts towards a vision which, if realized, does not reflect sound technique.

To ensure students are progressing then, we must instill several key positions that must be attained for every stroke. Through extensive observation of modern technique of the world’s elite players, play tennis! California has condensed mechanics of  the forehand, backhand, volley and serve into digestible pieces for any passionate student of the game.

s-IMG_0191These technical “check points” form the foundation of play tennis! California’s technical methodology and are emphasized on court by all Instructors. Where most San Diego tennis academies end here, we further instill these points by harnessing the power of today’s technology by demonstrating and narrating specific points which we as a team, feel will be beneficial to a particular student’s tendencies and habits.

Rafael+Nadal+2012+French+Open+Day+Thirteen+gJI8vqzM2QElThis is done via split screen comparison of correct and incorrect technique and slow motion analysis, among other methods. Every student is given Technical Feedback for the day’s Class via the his or her Progress Log, which is constantly updated with customized information from play tennis! California Instructors who closely monitor our Members’ Logs.

Once a student reaches a level where rallying is possible from the baseline, Classes shift in focus towards point construction and manipulation of timing to create offensive opportunities while counter-punching in defensive scenarios. Use of varied spins, angles, ball trajectory, pace and positioning in relation to the opponent becomes the principal focus as students gain the confidence to minimize attention to one’s own technique and instead, maximize attention towards “solving” the opponent by use of geometrical tactics and psychology.

Adult Tennis Lessons San Diego – The Element of Fun

While technique is of paramount importance in this sport of detail, it is play tennis! California’s belief that one must genuinely enjoy their time on court to effectively learn. After all, tennis is a game and must be approached with a playful attitude.

IMG_20140325_202925 (2)It is this mindset which facilitates absorption of visual and auditory cues that all play tennis! California students are surrounded with while on court and off-court. Clearly, if a student approaches his or her forehand with tension and anxiety, the result will be a tense and anxious shot. It is a simple yet often overlooked aspect of tennis, that one must be at ease while on court.

The body must be free of tension for the extremities of the body – forearm, wrist and fingers – to work naturally and transfer energy seamlessly toward the racket and thus, an oncoming ball. Since play tennis! California Instructors share in this belief, all students are constantly encouraged to simply have fun during the hour spent on court.

If the energy from all students and instructors vibrate with positivity, tennis tends to become a surprisingly easy sport. As instructors, our ultimate reward is seeing our students individually or most ideally as a group, enter a zone where tennis becomes effortlessly rhythmic and spontaneous, with an abundance of creativity spilling from all corners of the court.   Reserve a class today!